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Who we are

Creative team of developers and innovators

Work hard to achieve great results for the tasks we handle. Encourage warm relationships with our customers. Appreciate your feedback, always open to communication, and ready to take your ideas into deep consideration. Our main domains are: Web development, design, interface design, online project maintenance and evolution, as well as digital marketing activities: SEO, SMM, Contextual Advertising.

За 13 лет работы мы реализовали свыше 300 ярких и интересных проектов. Разработали сайты от визиток, корпоративных сайтов и интернет магазинов до высоконагруженных "highload" проектов. Тут можно ознакомиться с последними из них.


Stick to the deadlines

Before we launch a project pipeline, we negotiate the development milestones and fix them in a contract. We control this process and constantly improve it


Never change a contract value

We do not alter a quote we offer for the project development, as we try to estimate it accurately at the planning phase and write this in a contract. Everything is transparent at the highest degree.


Work under the contract

We work strictly under the contract where we register development stages, detailed terms, and prices in its annex.

How it works

Technology stack

The main technologies that we use for web application development on the server-side include the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database. This allows our products to deal with almost any hosting provider. Being a Gold Certified 1C Bitrix Partner, we use a licensed 1C Bitrix website management system when developing all projects, almost in all cases

We use well-known technologies that are proven by time:

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Here, we talk about modern web design trends and write interesting articles